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Today WinCourier offers worldwide customer-oriented products and solutions, according to branch and job. The name WinCourier stands for high-quality products and integrated systems all around the subject Transport and Logistics. Mobile enterprises of every kind can benefit from our products. Thanks to strong partners in the automotive industry we can use high-quality vehicle devices, which are developed co-ordinately at the demands of our solutions. The enterprise has his head office in Germany. Furthermore WinCourier has an establishment and two distribution agencies in America.


Software for mobile business

For 12 years WinCourier develops software for mobile enterprises. We have specialised in the needs of forwarding agencies, transportation companies and industrial enterprises. The former transport enterpriser and today's manager Björn Jacobs is a contact for many managers from forwarding agencies, transport enterprises and industrial enterprises if it is about standard programmes, branch solutions or individual software development. Also you can benefit from our experience and our extensive competent network of professional programmers and software developers.

Our user-friendly solutions easy to be learnt for fair prices:

Our software WinCourier is a complete administrative programme and arrangement programme for independent transport enterprisers, carriers up to courier's headquarters.

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Our WinCourier Tracking offers business solutions from the easily vehicle localisation about the localisation for fleet management in combination with navigation and communication solutions up to the individual branch solution. WinCourier Tracking is the right solution, exactly for the individual needs of your business

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In 1983 the manager from WinCourier Björn Jacobs founded his transportation company. When the enterprise started to grow, required Björn Jacobs an administrative programme, which is customized for his enterprise. Because there was no solution at the market, Björn Jacobs decided in 1996 to develop an own solution. WinCourier, the administrative programme for Couriers, Overnighter and Transport Enterprisers was in 1996 the first courier's management programme basing on Windows at the market. The WinCourier software was adapted to the own and the needs of other competitors. Further it was continuously developed. As the inquiry for the software rose Björn Jacobs sold his transportation company in 2002, including 60 vehicles. He founded a software enterprise to devote himself excluding the development and the distribution of WinCourier. In 2005 the software is already used by 1000 courier enterprises, which depend daily on the software to grasp detailed orders, to inform the courier's drivers and to write the upcoming calculations.

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