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Any size business (large or small) can benefit immediately from our WinCourier Tracking software. With our cost effective, scalable and efficient WinCourier Tracking software you can locate your vehicles, deliveries or employees very simply, quickly and reliably. In addition, our software offers you communication possibilities, vehicle management, driver's logbook, transaction and event history, user management, order management and many other functions to optimize your operation processes. This can save you time and money.

Come and convince yourself, take a look at the functions that are built into our WinCourier Tracking software.

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WinCourier & GARMIN nüvi™

A very competitive match: Track, Navigate and Communicate

With our WinCourier Tracking Software, our tracking
device FM4 and the navigation system GARMIN nüvi™ is
the ultimate solution available to you. Save time
and money. Secure your competitive advantage now!

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FM2 or FM4 + WinCourier Tracking Software

Your reliable solution: Always and Everywhere!

The tracking device should be permanently installed into each of your
vehicles, thereby always being available and operational. This is our recommended
solution and has the highest certainty. Thereby you can detect the
actual position of your vehicles at any time.

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Handheld + WinCourier Tracking Software

Our flexible solution:

The tracking device can be moved very easily from vehicle to vehicle.
A very flexible solution, which can save you expenses
and frustration.

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